Banks and financial markets have to reinvent themselves on the fly while implementing new government programs in weeks instead of years. Meanwhile security and compliance mandates remain more stringent than ever.

To enhance growth, the industry must digitize and modernize to help employees adjust to new ways of working. Enterprises need a partner they can trust, Rubiks syslabs is one with industry experts to help improve all aspects of banking and move to an efficient, secure and agile cloud. We help financial firms to shift toward a more stable and agile enterprise data environment, equipped with robust and futureproof data analytics and enhanced with pervasive and integrated applications for planning, budgeting, forecasting, and simulation.

Thanks to Rubiks Syslabs, Financial Services firms achieve meaningful insights on customer behaviour and incorporate risk monitoring and compliance responsibilities into performance management. Rubiks Syslabs has all the requirements for data analysis, reporting, and predictive analytics in the Banking industry and Financial Services sector. Vast amounts of data, usually fragmented and kept in different silos, is captured and leveraged in order to provide results in a relevant framework to deliver added value, improve strategic assessment, and enable a more flexible reporting approach.

We consider the below are key pillars of banking to be strong areas of focus in the pandemic situation.

Regulatory Compliance

Digital transformation

Improve investment quality through margin and pricing analysis

Keep pace with evolving economic scenarios with a full range of budgeting, planning and simulation capabilities

Boost profitability analysis across the whole organization, with multidimensional view on customers, branches, services

Get a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs and trends by evaluating customer acquisition and retention, churn rate, profitability

Increase the integration between financial and operational processes by monitoring back-office services productivity

Proactively forecast the probability of losses and non-performing exposures by enabling a greater risk reporting flexibility

Easily perform competitive analysis by visual modelling comparisons among the data, especially in terms of market share and rates

Sharpen risk assessment and improve risk data accuracy, completeness and timeliness